1. Principle and Reason

Family is essential because family is the foundation of society. But the current environment in terms of economy, technology, and traffic conditions affects the relationships of the family from the close relationship according to old Thai agricultural families to distant family relations causing many other social problems.

Warm family for nation project (Strengthening morality for youth) is to encourage parents and children to perform a public benefit for the society together. It will be a guideline for families to cultivate the habit of children to be happy as a giver more from being a recipient. This project is to make children generous and caring about the people around which is a good culture of Thailand and should be kept with Thai society.

Public service can be divided into 2 sides. The first is the conservation of nature and the environment. The second is the development of human resources. Warm family for nation project (Strengthening morality for youth) that will be implemented this time will be the development of human resources by Strengthening morality for youth

2. Objectives

2.1 To strengthen the family institution.

2.2 To strengthen morality for youth and Thai society.

3. Target group

3.1 The first target group is families who voluntarily participate in the program (Consisting of parents and children who are studying at secondary and higher education levels) to be the co-organizer of educational activities.

3.2 Students in grade 3-6 are the participants.

4. Concept of implementation

4.1 Accepting families to participate in activities from 10 to 20 families at a time and participate in skills training for organizing activities as follows.

4.1.1 3 hours of informative lecture.

4.1.2 3 hours of practice and activity preparation.

4.1.3 3 hours of 1st-time activity preparation with the family.

4.1.4 3 hours of 2nd-time activity preparation with the family.

4.1.5 Summary and evaluation

4.2 Have primary school students participating at 40 – 100 people at a time by dividing into 3 steps as follows.

4.2.1 Firstly, educate basic principles of morality that the action has 3 levels, which are good, neutral, and evil. This step takes about 30 minutes.

4.2.2 Secondly, divide students into 10 groups to circulate 10 stations. Each station, there will be a sample story for students to analyze what level of each character’s actions are (each station will have a speaker consisting of a responsible family). It will take about 5 minutes for each station, and about 50 minutes in total.

4.2.3 Thirdly, conduct a meeting to summarize the activities. It takes about 20 minutes.

5. Expected results

5.1 To be a model in strengthening for the family institute, and to be an example to carry on.

5.2 To be a campaign for strengthening morality for youth and Thai society.