General Prem Tinsulanonda Statesman Foundation established from the discussion of the “11 Friends” group. The discussion was about the national identity in culture and virtue that Thai people have cherished as a social value since a long time ago. By respecting the virtuous persons, those are honest, selfless, and loyal to the nation, religion, and monarchy institutes for a long time.

But in the present, those respectable traditions seem to start diluting. Some people do good deeds for the country and society, and they usually been neglected, and there is no one paying attention or honor them to the public. So, to support the good and to carry on this tradition. It is supposed to find a way to honor them and to cheer them, and promote them to be a role model for the public. It is the way to make values in Thai society of doing good to benefit the public. It will bring peace to Thai society and the nation as well.

Flying Officer Sulee Mahasantanaone
one of the members of 11 Friends

From the mentioned subject, Flying Officer Sulee Mahasantana, one of the members of 11 Friends, suggested that His Excellency General Prem Tinsulanon, the Statesman has always been honesty, selfless, and loyal in serving the country and supposed to be promoted as a role model person. The 11 Friends realized that they should start a foundation, and by granting to use of His Excellency General Prem Tinsulanon as a foundation name. The objectives are focused on developing moralities in honest, selfless, and loyal. The foundation will select a role model by considering characteristics and works if it meets the foundation’s requirement. The selected person will be awarded with “General Prem Tinsulanonda award.” And this offer is agreed upon and supported by all 11 Friends. The 11 Friends have asked for His Excellency Prem Tinsulanonda’s consideration to be a foundation’s honorary president. His Excellency General Prem Tinsulanonda agreed and granted permission to proceed.

Prof. Dr. Prasop Ratanakorn, the Secretary of the Cultural Promotion Foundation, has been assigned to process to change the foundation’s instrument and name from “Cultural Promotion Foundation” to “General Prem Tinsulanonda Statesman Foundation,” since 2nd February 1993. A set of directors has been appointed, which has Flying Officer Sulee Mahasantana as a chairman. Later, Prof. Dr. Prasop Ratanakorn has been elected as chairman of the board of directors in the year 1993. There is also a total of 23 other qualification directors from various agencies. The Statesman Foundation office was established at a Si Sao Thewes guesthouse, address 279 Sri Ayudhya Road, Dusit, Bangkok. And the foundation’s headquarter is located at a residence hall, Neurological Research Foundation, address 312 Ratchawithi Road, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok.

Prof. Dr. Prasop Ratanakornthe
Secretary of the Cultural Promotion Foundation

The Foundation’s Operations

General Prem Tinsulanonda, the honorary president of the foundation, has invited the faithful people to donate to build a national library in the southern region, as well as other Rajamangala National Library in other regions. The library will be built at Songkhla, and the library’s name “Kanchanaphisek Songkhla National Library” is requested from His Majesty’s granted. The Statesman Foundation has assigned the Fine Arts Department to offer the library to His Majesty the King for the Royal charity on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 50th anniversary of Accession to the Throne and laying the headstones on 12th April 1995. This Kanchanaphisek National Library is located in the contact area with Ban Sattha, near Tinsualnonda bridge, which the library is modern and can be able to hold a meeting with the international.

For the educational supporting activities, General Prem Tinsulanonda, the honorary president of the foundation, has founded many foundations with the objectives for promoting education since the years of his civil service and while he was holding the position of prime minister. He established over 23 foundations around the countries in various educational institutes, including the northern region, the northeast region, the middle region, and the southern region. These foundations provide scholarships to poor students every year until the present. Besides, there are always more donators, and it makes the fund for scholarship bigger every year.